PREPARED FOR ICE CREAM A showcase of goodness
not only in the summer

Our ice cream preparations are made with selected ingredients and a mixture of sugar perfectly combined with stabilizers and emulsifiers that give the ice cream an extraordinary creaminess. Sugar, fat and solids milk are already balanced: you need just to add the liquid part. In addition to the basics, we offer products to enrich the basics of taste, such as powders, semi-finished and concentrated pastes.

Personalized tastes

In addition to a wide range of standard tastes, we also produce customized recipes.


  • BRC Livello A
  • Certificato ISO9001:2008
  • Certificazione per produzioni BIO
  • IFS Food
  • Autorizzazione ministeriale per l’aggiunta di vitamine
  • Certificazione Kosher e Halal
  • Olio di palma RSPO
  • Cacao UTZ

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