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Our sustainability path

Italcanditi has always paid great attention to the environment and the development of a sustainable business. Since 2019, this commitment has been reported annually with the publication of the Sustainability Report, which sets out in detail the priorities, objectives, choices made to achieve them and, last but not least, showing the results obtained.

In January 2020 Italcanditi joined the UNGC (United Nation Global Compact), committing itself to implementing the principles of universal sustainability in all its actions, choices and relationships.

A further important step was taken in 2022, the year in which Italcanditi formalized its Sustainability Policy, a document in which the key principles of the company are exposed in the perspective of a mentality, way of acting, which involves and unites all company functions in a synergic and constructive way.

Below are our reports and Sustainability Policy:

Our ESG targets

Climate Action
27.5% reduction in GHG emissions by 2030
% reduction in GHG emissions (Scope 1 + Scope 2 – Market-based)
16,786.2 t CO2e (2019)
Sostenibilità italcanditi
Purchase of Guarantees of Origin covering 100% of the Italcanditi Pedrengo site’s electricity consumption needs by 2022
% of electricity covered with GOs against the total electricity purchased and consumed
0% (2020)
Sostenibilità italcanditi
Installation of new photovoltaic panels with an installed power of 300 kW by 2024
kW of power from new photovoltaic panels installed
0 kW (2020)
Livello Rischi
Drafting and adoption of a Sustainability Policy by 2021
Adoption of a Sustainability Policy
Not applicable
Riduzione infortuni sul lavoro
20% reduction in employee work-related injuries by 2021
% reduction in work-related injuries
20 injuries (2020)
Livello Rischi
Carrying out a risk assessment of our Tier 1 suppliers based on ESG criteria by 2023
Implementation of an ESG risk assessment on Tier 1 suppliers
Not applicable
Sistema gestione integrato
Implementation of an integrated management system in line with and certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 by 2022-2023
Obtaining ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certifications
Not applicable

We have energy for a greener world

Since 2009, we have been promoting investments in environmental protection and sustainability policies. Over the years we have built a virtuous system to produce energy from renewable sources. Distributed over an area of 4,000 m2, the photovoltaic panels provide us with 400 kw per day of energy; from the biogas recovered from the sewage treatment we obtain 500 kw of energy per day, 24/7. A mega of energy comes from an engine powered by canola and another two from a newly built gas plant.

Ambiente Italcanditi


Ambiente Italcanditi

Photovoltaic panels

550 kWe

Ambiente Italcanditi

Biogas plant

500 kWe

Ambiente Italcanditi

Cogeneration plant
with vegetable oil

1 MWe

Ambiente Italcanditi

Trigeneration plant
with natural gas

2 MWe

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