Ambiente Italcanditi


We have good values
to get excellent results

We have always paid great attention to quality, for every single phase of production process:

Ambiente Italcanditi

Thanks to these principles, in 1998 we obtained the certification of our quality system according to the UNI EN ISO 9002 standards, as well as the Certification for production of Organic Foods and, more recently, of foods for particular nutritional uses (added of vitamins and salts). minerals). Obtaining the quality system certification to the ISO 9001: 2000 standards and the BRC product standard (British Retail Consortium) represents the natural crowning of the quality policy constantly followed over the years.

We have energy
for a greener world

Since 2009, we have been promoting investments in environmental protection and sustainability policies. Over the years we have built a virtuous system to produce energy from renewable sources. Distributed over an area of 4,000 m2, the photovoltaic panels provide us with 400 kw per day of energy; from the biogas recovered from the sewage treatment we obtain 500 kw of energy per day, 24/7. A mega of energy comes from an engine powered by canola and another two from a newly built gas plant.

Ambiente Italcanditi


Ambiente Italcanditi

Photovoltaic panels

400 kw/day

Ambiente Italcanditi

Biogas plant

500 kw/day

Ambiente Italcanditi

Motor colza

1 mw/day

Ambiente Italcanditi

Gas plant

2 mw/day

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