A passion for fruit

Since 1963, Italcanditi uses the best base ingredients to make small and large masterpieces of taste based on fruit. Each product contains the passion and care that we have used in its processing to ensure that it best spills all its taste and flavor.

The excellence of our candies, marron glacé, jams and semi-finished products for the confectionery industry is the result of a constant search for innovation, the ability to know how to interpret the habits and food preferences of people, and the culture of Made in Italy that distinguishes us from competitors on a global scale.

Today the excellence of our products is chosen by confectionery, dairy industries, ice-cream shops and pastries in 50 countries, satisfying the 50% of the European demand of marrons glacés, in feagures 700 tons. 

The technology of our systems and the skills of our staff make possible any customer request, which we will suprire with perfect solutions, tailored and full of taste.In 2002 the Vitalfood division was opened, dedicated production of products for artisanal confectionery and the world of Ho.Re.Ca.

Ciliegie italcanditi
Materie Prime Italcanditi
The quality of the raw materials
comes first
Tecnologia Italcanditi
Plant technology collaborates
with human know-how.
Ambiente Italcanditi
Nature must be respected because it always gives
us the best fruit
Energia Italcanditi
Our energy comes from all
of it from renewable sources.


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R&D Laboratories

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300.000 Kg

Daily production capacity

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100 Mln


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Recipes in portfolio

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90.000 m²

Company surface

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Opening of the Angelo Goffi laboratory for the production of marron
glacé, jams and candied fruit.
Angelo Goffi founded italcanditi: company producing candied fruit
and marron glacé.
1970 - 1980
Italcanditi diversifies production, entering the field of fruit
jams and hydrated cream for the
confectionery industry.
1980 - 1990
During the decade the company developed semi-finished
products for the dairy industry.
Italcanditi introduces semi-candied fruit and develops a wide range
of savory preparations based on stabilized vegetables.
As a natural consequence of the company's repositioning
presents the "Vitalfood" brand.
Vitalfood is a leader in Italy and expands rapidly also in other
important European markets (France, Germany, UK).
The new buildings are inaugurated also for the production
departments, this allowing to further increase the
company's production capacity.
Vitalfood also becomes a leader in the production of salted
semi-finished products for the food industry.
Fruit preparations. New sites are created for the preparation and
production of yogurt and ice cream preparations, with new storage
areas at -25°C for frozen fruit sorting with an optical laser
selector. Two new prouction lines are created.
Semi-candied fruit. Doubling of production lines. Fruit preparations:
extension of the sorting machine with the installation of an X-ray
selection machine.
Expansion of the marron glacé department. Construction of
a new warehouse at -25°C for the storage
of raw materials.
Creation of two new lines for the preparation of fruit for yogurt.
Expansion of anaerobic sewage treatment plant with the gasometer.
Installation of a co-generator from Biogas to 300kw.
Construction of a new station ends at 20t/h. Biogas co-generator
extension up to 500kw. Construction of a 250kw photovoltaic
stystem, two new lines for the preparation of fruit for yougurt and
a co-generator with 1Mw vegetable oil.
Expansion of the marron glacé department, with a new cold store at -20°C.
Extension of the line for washing and stereilization of tanks for
division prepared fuirt for yogurt.
Acquisition of the Verifruit brand from the competitor for
semi-candied fruit.
Expansion of the current area of 40.000 square meters:
Construction of a new building of 3 floor of 2500 square meters
each, for the production of semi-candied fruit and fruit
preparations for yogurt.
Activation of the Verifruit® plant for the production of
semi-candied fruit, for a total of 2000t/year over two shifts.
OHSAS - 18001 certification concerning health and safety.
Construction of a new line for the production and packagin of
jams in bucket.
Definitive start-up of the Verifruit® line for the production of
semi-candied fruit, for a total of 2000t/year over two shifts.
Installation of the new line of fruit mixes for 5000 t/year of yogurt.
Newicing oven for marron glacé line and new production jams line
of modified atmosphere buckets.
New Trigeneration plant from MW (start April) end-line robotization
of 2,5-6-12 kg buckets, new washing/sterilization line of jams and
creams tanks, new packaging bag in box line in sterile-box
with end-line robot, system of traceability with
tag system on 1 yogurt line.
New application laboratory for pastry, bakery and industry. Expansion
of new pilot plant departments for the pilot production of
cream. Central vacuum pump on jams lines. Two lines
of washing and sterilization jams and creams tanks. Ammonia
plant for 5000,000 frig/h creams department. Robotic end
of line for 25kg buckets.


Mappa Italcanditi
Via Cavour, 10
24066 Pedrengo (BG)
Sheikh Zayed Road Office 324, 3rd Floor, Emarat Atrium Building
Dubai - Emirati Arabi Uniti
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Punto Italcanditi

Representative office

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Commercial presence

Innovation has the taste
of the future.
Innovation has the taste of the future. That's why we
decided to open our R & D laboratory as early as the '70s
with the aim of creating semi-finished products
tailored to the client companies. Thanks to the
investments made, we are today innovators in our
sector with more than 500 new projects every year.

Italcanditi S.p.A

Cap. soc. 2.600.000 €

Via Cavour, 10

24066 Pedrengo (BG)


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