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Fresh and wholesome, healthy and decadent, yogurt is a simple product that is eaten all over the world as a snack or with meals. To meet the production needs of our customers and, therefore, of our final consumers, we use ingredients of the highest quality to create semi-finished products for industries that produce yogurt on a large scale.                                                

Not only do we offer collections of recipes created following the new market trends, but we are also able to devise recipes tailored to the requests of their clients. Our company prides itself on the quality of the fruit and range of ingredients that we offer. In this way, we can guarantee a quality production process combined with an almost unlimited customization of the recipes. Every step of the supply chain is supervised to guarantee that production meets the strictest international safety standards.

Yogurt Italcanditi
Yogurt Italcanditi


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Yogurt Italcanditi



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